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About me

My Philosophy

I believe all women deserve to be given the information to make informed, confident decisions around their care in pregnancy and birth. I want to give parents the latest research around evidence based care in pregnancy and for birth and to ensure they are prepared for the best possible birth experience.

A positive birth can take any form, and with the brain training and skills found on my workshop and with the right support, every woman can experience the joy of their own personal Gentlebirth. 

My Story

My name is Sarah Flynn and I am a "Gentlebirth Mammy". I came across the programme when googling "calm birth" while pregnant - unsure whether a calm birth even existed! When I saw what the workshop claimed to do I thought surely it was too good to be true? However, I attended a Gentlebirth workshop and suddenly I wasn't scared of birth - I was excited! I couldn't wait for labour to start. I threw myself into the preparations and went on to have the most amazing birth experience, which was everything a birth should be - calm, loving, exciting and empowering. I realised that I wanted to help other women and families have this same experience. 

I am a qualified Microcurrent Therapist and now a baby massage instructor. I began to study all things birth related while at home with my new baby. I saw how having a positive birth impacted the early weeks of parenthood and I became determined to share my experience. I studied Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding, Mindfulness, Sports Psychology, Hypnobirthing techniques and many other topics with the Gentlebirth Institute and I am delighted to now be a Certified Instructor accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and to be offering a range of services to Mums to Be and their partners in the North East. I am also en route to certification as a Lactation Educator Counsellor and Mindfulness teacher and am hugely passionate about what I do. I feel very priveleged that my business has brought me into contact with so many wonderful families and I look forward to meeting you!

"Lovely, warm, relaxed and friendly class, thanks to Sarah. We really enjoyed it and will miss it. Highly reccommended."

"Fab deliviery of the Gentlebirth program... Thank you Sarah, your help and advise really saw me through and allowed me to have the gentle birth I'd only dared to wish for. I'm so happy with how things turned out - I feel like I have won the birth lottery!"

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