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Baby Massage Classes

Newborn's Care

Baby Massage is wonderful skill for parents or caregivers to use to bond with baby, as well as providing many health benefits. Infant massage originates in the Middle East, and has been rediscovered as a beautiful parenting tool in the Western world. 

Evidence shows that infant massage has positive effects for caregivers and infants and has an important impact on their development. It is through our senses that all human beings interact with their environment.

Emotionally massage will provide your baby with a sense of well-being and security and can communicate the love you feel for your child. Once you start to massage your baby you will begin to understand how important the sense of touch is to both you and your baby.

Benefits for your Baby

  • Helps baby to relax and makes a lovely part of their bedtime routine

  • Helps relieve discomfort from gas, colic, congestion and teething

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Promotes sounder and longer sleep

  • Promotes bonding and communication

  • Helps to regulate digestive, respiratory and circulatory system

  • Helps premature babies gain weight

  • Helps regulate breathing and relieve nasal congestion

  • Helps improve skin texture

  • Helps baby's body development (and enjoy tummy time!)

Mother and Child

Upcoming Class Start Dates

NEW DATES COMING SOON! Private classes still available for anyone who would prefer this option - just text the number below for details!

Classes are given over four consecutive weeks via Zoom at a cost of €40 for a four week course. Classes are relaxed and informal and followed by a cup of tea and a chat.

Private classes available for €75 for a family session. Vouchers also available - makes a lovely unique gift for new parents.

To book click the button on the left or for more info text Sarah on 083 834 5954

Happy Mother with her Child

Benefits for You

  • Helps deepen the bonding process

  • Helps caregiver understand and respond to babys nonverbal cues

  • Promotes a feeling of confidence in caring for your baby

  • Increases caregivers ability to relax in times of stress

  • Eases the stress of caregivers who must be seperated from their baby during the day

  • It is fun and relaxing for caregivers and babies

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