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What is Gentlebirth?

GentleBirth combines brain science, birth science and technology to empower positive birth through preparation. Our program, which includes training and education in mindfulness, hypnosis, CBT and sports psychology is well established, backed by evidence based research and the successful positive births and testimonials of thousands of women around the world. Founded in 2006 by Tracy Donegan, GentleBirth has grown to become a global leader in childbirth education. GentleBirth has offices in Dublin, Ireland and Mountain View, California, certified instructors that hail from more than a dozen countries and our mobile app is available on iOS and Android in 155 countries.

How does it work?

  • The GentleBirth workshop combines mindfulness, hypnosis, CBT and sports psychology. 

  • Each day the GentleBirth app guides you through our unique brain training program tailored exactly to your circumstances. 

  • You will also have access to the GentleBirth community for emotional support and the advice of GentleBirth experts.

An App? Tell me more.

The GentleBirth App provides everything you need for a more relaxed positive pregnancy, birth and parenting journey. Each day you’ll be guided through our unique brain training program tailored exactly to your circumstances. You’ll learn simple effective breathing, mindfulness and medical hypnosis techniques that you’ll use long after your baby arrives.

What on earth is a positive birth? 

A positive birth means a birth in which a woman feels she has freedom of choice, access to accurate information, and that she is in control, powerful and respected. A birth that she approaches, perhaps with some nerves, but without fear, and that she then goes on to enjoy, and remember with joy. 

"The way a woman gives birth can affect the whole of the rest of her life. How can that not matter? Unless the woman herself does not matter."

Beverly Beech and Belinda Phipps

"The instant of birth is exquisite. Pain and joy are one at this moment. Ever after, the dim recollection is so sweet that we speak to our children with a gratitude they never understand."

Madeline Tiger

Is it only for women who want a natural birth?

A positive birth does not have to be ‘natural’ or ‘drug free’ – it simply has to be informed from a place of positivity as opposed to fear. A birth that respects a woman’s human right to choose where and how she has her baby.

You can birth with positivity in hospital or at home, with or without medical intervention. You can have a positive caesarean, or a positive home water birth. I want to give you the skills to approach birth realistically, having genuine choice, and feeling empowered by your experience. 

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