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I have put some quotes from Positive GentleBirths here, real life stories from real women. For the full stories, click here!

"My consultant had showed up and was really relaxed, impressed and calm. She reassured me and allowed the midwife to lead.... According to my husband, there was no screaming, no cries of pain, no yelling, just a really calm and gentle birth." - Annabelle

"The memory of feeling my daughter enter to world, to feel her come down and out of me is so special. I am so glad that I got to birth her actively, my way, as really all the midwife did was catch her... I had a wonderful, empowering birth that for me was transformative. When we get in touch with our primitive selves, we are powerful and all conquering." - Melanie

"I really enjoyed the lead up to the birth. I felt really calm, healthy and well, and enjoyed being finished work and having this lovely time off. I was very much looking forward to it all and I know that is all thanks to embracing the GentleBirth philosophy" - Donna

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